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These hubs allow for several devices to connect to one or more data SIMs — usually 4G ones — to surf privately and safely. Much like a smartphone's SIM card, these data-only deals allow you access to the internet in complete security.

Compare mobile WiFi dongle deals

You can use a monthly contract, or use a pay-as-you-go SIM, so you know exactly how much data you are paying for. The best thing about 4G data is that it is incredibly fast, so you'll be able to browse the internet as if you were connected to a broadband connection.

It means it will also often be faster than free or shared Wi-Fi spots, which usually have data limits and a lot of traffic to deal with. In , we also expect to see more 5G mobile hubs hitting the stores. While 5G is in its infancy, there are not currently any 5G mobile hotspots, though the Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot is coming out later this year. As soon as 5G mobile hotspots are available, they'll be included in this list — as long as they are good enough.

Mobile hubs range from a simple one SIM solution with a battery to models that can accommodate 10 different SIM cards, or others that even sport a complete Android operating system. Below are the best mobile Wi-Fi routers you can buy in the UK, catering to all tastes, from frugal surfers to power users and everything in between.

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Sure, there's not a huge amount of competition out there at the moment, as 5G is still relatively new, but HTC has come out of the gate with a winner. EE, the UK's biggest network provider, is offering data subscriptions with this hotspot.

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It can handle up to 20 wireless devices connected at once, which should be enough for most households, and an Ethernet port for wired devices as well. A powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor powers the device, and there's a 5-inch HD touchscreen that gives you all the information you need to keep an eye on your 5G network.

4G & 5G Home Broadband ISPs: Broadband With No Phone Line

It also have a large battery life that should keep you going while you're out and about. It has a small display for informing you about your connection, and it supports dual band Wifi on both 2. It can be accessed by up to 10 devices at once, and performance is very good on 4G LTE.

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Its battery life is also excellent, giving you around 10 hours of 4G connectivity. Select your plan. MiFi unit A great way to connect multiple devices with a password protected connection. Our 4G Mobile Broadband Plans. This plan gives you 2GB of data per month — perfect if you only want to browse websites and social media occasionally on your laptop, tablet or netbook when there's no WiFi.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

Get high-speed coverage around the island by connecting to our mobile network. This plan gives you 15GB of data per month — perfect if you like downloading music or apps and browsing websites and social media on a regular basis on your laptop, tablet or netbook even when there's no WiFi. This plan gives you 50GB of data per month — if you spend a lot of time streaming videos then this plan is perfect for you.