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  1. Foxtel – Premium Entertainment in a Bundle
  2. Foxtel Packages & Plans from Telstra
  3. What are the best internet deals?

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  2. Telstra contract expires.
  3. Step 1: Find how much you pay for Foxtel/would like to pay.
  4. Combo Packages.

So what are they? They combine some of their most popular channels, package them together, and offer them at a great rate. Perfect for all involved. As you saw from the list above, there are five 5 packages for you to choose from. As you saw, all of the packages available are made up of individual channel packs. Most of the time yes.

Foxtel – Premium Entertainment in a Bundle

Unfortunately, most of the packs do come with a minimum commitment of 12 months, and then the prices of your package increases. Not able to find any discounts that suit you? One aspect which Foxtel continues to hold its competitive advantage, is in sports.

  • $35 for the full package: Foxtel slashes prices for customers who threaten to quit.
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  • They are one of the few streaming platforms in Australia with channels covering live sports all around the world. On top of that, their Platinum HD package has nearly channels to choose from when you turn on the TV. You could watch each channel for 20 minutes, and still not be able to watch them all in a day — I did the math. If you do want to be able to choose, on demand, what you want to watch and when, check out Netflix.

    Foxtel Packages & Plans from Telstra

    Their prices are much lower than Foxtel, and they have some great original content as well. Back in when a venture between News Corporation and Telstra formed.

    Foxtel packages for seniors 12222

    In its 22 year life, Foxtel never changed its branding. That all changed in when it engaged DDB to help revitalise the brand in Australia. Ditching the all caps logo for a contemporary look. Today, they have around Live Channels available. And with the massive acceptance of on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix, Foxtel has also pushed hard with their own on-demand selection. In order to keep up with popular demand, they are also consistently adding on new TV shows and movies every week. All in all, Foxtel has been forced to majorly re-structure many of their packages and pricing models in order to stay competitive in the ever changing streaming industry.

    Today, they offer a range of entertainment, news, kids, movies, and sports channels for you to choose from and enjoy at home. Now is your chance to politely tell them the reasons for wanting to disconnect. Explain that you would like Foxtel going forwards but without fixing one or all of the above-mentioned problems — you will have no choice but to disconnect. Often the Foxtel team member on the end of the line will start to look for ways to amend your concerns or try to keep you.

    What are the best internet deals?

    Remember they are highly incentivised to reduce the number of disconnections they receive per month to use this in your favour. The offers or deals given may be their first line of defence, it could be as simple as providing you with an extra box or upgrading your hardware. Instead, focus on the dollars and cents and push for a discount also. For customers who have been with Foxtel a while, this is often brought up by stating you are a valued client etc. The hardest part about getting a Foxtel discount is sticking to your guns and not accepting anything other than your original requests disconnection reasons.

    Rudeness is not the key here and nor should it ever be. If you stick to your plan, you should end up with a discounted Foxtel rate and perhaps some new add-ons to your Foxtel package.

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