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Cannabis Delivery Favorites. MedMen Delivery brings our cannabis dispensaries right to your door!

Cannabis Spectrum. Have you discovered the benefits of cannabis and CBD? If not, let us be your guide. Learn about the benefits at MedMen. CBD Rich.

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California Marijuana Deals and Coupons

By providing your email address, you consent to receive messages about special offers and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Keep out of reach of children. Meadow is a mobile app that allows cannabis patients to receive delivery of cannabis from a local dispensary or collective. Welcome David.

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Matthew: David to give listeners a sense of geography, can you tell us where you are in the world? I moved out here about eight years ago from New York where I was in sales and trading, not surprising, in the finance world, and decided I wanted to start a company. So came out here and have been working at startups for the last eight years and decided to jump in and start Meadow.

We were in the gaming space. We launched a product called Got Game, got some traction, but ran into a lot of problems in with fundraising, and we had to shut that thing down. Can I learn from the people around me, and I went to a health startup for a while, Health Central and 2.

And then from there jumped in the mobile space with a startup called Sincerely, and learned a lot about how to execute with a great team and focus on mobile. Then what ended up happening was we got sold to Provide Commerce, and I was trying to figure out what to do and what the next thing is. And most people in the entrepreneurial world tell you like find something that you can stick with for seven, eight, ten years. You know, I had a lot of great teachers there. Yeah, then started building with a few co-founders that I worked with previously at Sincerely. Can you describe for both a patient or adult user and for a dispensary?

Why do people want to use Meadow? David: Sure, yeah. You know Meadow is a website where medical cannabis patients view menus and order on demand from local dispensaries. For them to manage patients, to look over inventory, to make sure their orders are right, and most importantly to be compliant. Everyone that signs up signs a collective agreement. Matthew: What about platforms?

Is it going to be specifically an app or will it be a mobile version of a website to get around iTunes and DIOS platform having difficulty with the cannabis industry? Can you tell us how people can use Meadow? David: Sure. Anyone can go to www. As far as iTunes and the Google Play store, our expertise is mobile.

Weed Delivery Service Bay Area | Order Marijuana & Cannabis Online | Cali Xpress

So we started making those concessions and started removing features and functionality. So we ended up abandoning the app store and just focusing on the website www. I hope they come around on this in a big way and change their policy. And when you look at the app store, you know, most of their revenue is coming from gaming. David: Yeah sure. And so we spend a lot of time really thinking about that user experience and choosing the right languages and the right, you know, platform so that we can scale.

So, you know, hopefully if you check out www. How do you feel about that? Is that a threat? How are you digesting that information and how does that affect your go to market? And one such service that we launched about a week ago is a pick-up service. You can put that order in, and then go and pick it up in this express checkout lane.

So for the people that know exactly what they want. And you know, continue to figure out what the best way and what the best tools that we need to build to accommodate the dispensaries in L. And I mean driving around in L.

Benefits You Get with Medical Marijuana Card

And like on a Friday starting at maybe three or four in the afternoon, you know, you may have to wait a while to get, you know, served. David: Absolutely. How would you say Meadow compares and contrasts with Ease? So their value proposition is really about speed, and I think they can get stuff to you in about minutes. For us, I think we differentiate ourselves with selection.

And our delivery takes about an hour. We keep looking at the feedback that we get to keep improving the product.

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How do I find a doctor that, you know, I can describe my symptoms to and be, you know, get a card and become part of a collective? How can that problem be solved? The experiences though that I have seen are pretty wide and varied. There are others that actually spend more time and help the patient realize what their problems are and actually how to medicate with it. And so what we ended up doing, actually today we announced Cannabis MD. And so Cannabis MD is an on demand doctor service where a doctor will come and make a house call. We have edibles, low dose and stronger dose.