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  2. Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons March
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How to Coupon at Harris Teeter: Super Doubles & Tips and Tricks! #harristeeter #superdoubles

Shop Rite will double manufacturer coupons up to and including. Albertsons, Coupons and You What store double your coupons - Answers. West Long Branch is the store I shop at weekly and they fully double coupons.

What grocery stores offer triple coupons at schnucks

Stop and Shop either. Double Coupon Grocery Stores in California. Why would California ia stop the double coupon. Frugal shoppers know where and when to shop so they can take advantage. Double coupons is my MAIN reason for shopping. Plan, Plan, Plan! I will put together a huge cheat sheet of all the deals, prices, coupons and what your out of pocket will be.

Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons March

All the work is done for you! Minus the clipping, and you may be able to convince me to come over and do that for you if you offer me fudge and a glass of sweet tea! J Check back everyday with me. I will post my extra findings and even more unadvertised deals. Also load your E-coupons, Saving Star, and Ibotta offers.

Stores That Double Coupons

All of the deals I wanted to score are always off the shelf, what do I do now? Get rainchecks. You can even let them know what is out and suggest that they order more. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated, employed,authorized, compensated or in any way officially connected with Harris Teeter or their affiliates. This post may contain affiliate links. Read disclosure policy here. When is it? Also, if you go to the Leland Harris Teeter store, you can save more money because they are tripling coupons.

Here's a partial list from Delly — everything here is cents or less. Delly gave us a list of printable coupons from the web Delly from Delly's Deals shows us how to save big this week at the grocery store, thanks to Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. A lot of the deals she showed on the news are ones that are from Internet coupons. So, you're probably trying to lose weight and gain money.

I get it. Every Thursday in , I did a money-saving segment. This year, we're going to change it up a bit. And, change is good. I will be sharing more of our community couponers' deals in so I can concentrate on other projects, too. Starting Wednesday Jan. There are a few great deals at CVS this week - but fair warning, some of the coupons expire either today or tomorrow. However, with or without them, the deals are still great. Read it all the way through because it could even help you save more money.

HT hard to beat - Harris Teeter

Nail clippers are like socks. They disappear. Out of nowhere. Never to be seen again!

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However, you won't feel so bad if you lose these And, you'll also get Blistex for free that way, too. There's so much to write about but not enough time. We are enjoying hitting up Lowes Foods in Leland during their triple coupons promotion. Still, Harris Teeter has got some great Spooky Savings, and Rite Aid is giving you money to buy hair and nail products. There aren't a ton of deals this week, but I do like a lot of them. Thank you!

It helped! That's because normally, I try to stick to a 'cents or less' rule. This week you can get Pop Tarts for cents a box, though some people said you could get them for about cents.

Either way, everyone said it was a good deal, so I bought some! I'm sure my husband can't wait to try the S'mores PTs. Obviously, we're not going to have those same awesome deals, but we still managed to find quite a few good ones. This week is Super Doubles weeks at Harris Teeter. CVS deals roll over on Sundays.

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  • Every week they have promos to earn store credit, and since I desperately needed paper towels and TP, I picked up this deal. I didn't get a ton of things, but what I did get I've been hearing a lot about the new Lowes Foods in Leland This, of course, is thanks to our weekly segments. The girls actually plan their trips to see what they can get on sale! I just stopped off at CVS to grab a few things and came across a sock desert. Apparently, these Leggs socks were not a big seller, so now CVS has them on clearance for cents.

    Say whaaa? This week I went to Staples and Office Depot.