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Cash value 11 OOe. TM S Burger King Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Otter expires on 7. LJ Downtown Longview, W. Tyler St. Main St. Not valid on specialty versions.

Posados Cafe in Ft Worth, TX - Local Coupons October

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Burger King Corporati or outside U. Mobberly Ave. Void it reproduced, copied, sold or transferred, TM S Otter expires on I e i u t e e f Elr. I can't stand working in food business. Never work where you like to eat. Pretty good. I like the food. I would eat it for lunch, and got fat from it. It's a good job to work and if you want extra hours, it's easy to pick up. It's a good job.

Crazy environment and pretty good money. A lot of great people work here but nothing is stable and no free food even if you work open to close. But the money is pretty good and they have good hours so you know you aren't going to work crazy late. It's Nice and Busy.

POSADOS CAFE Pay & Benefits reviews

Pasodos Is An nice Restaurant. It's Good and Helpfull. They make sure you fine. At Times they can be very Unorganized. I Just see myself being at An better job. Get Ready to Work. Young serving crowd, mostly inexperienced. Love the managers. Low tips typically because of patrons and coupons.

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Great place to work GM had to many ways of showing favortizam He was young and needed help. Great place to work with wonderful people,earned alot of respect by helping and not just ordering around. Talking to them like a person. Employees were awesome. Easy job. Management can work with the hours you need, very flexible. They usually give you the days off that you need, as long as you ask in time. Even if you get sick or something, they are cool with it and are able to get someone to fill in for you.

The employee discount is great and makes lunch breaks enjoyable. Though, since the CEO upped the prices of food, less people come by equaling less business and money. I enjoyed working there, just the one I was at was not in a good area which is why I left.

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Fast Pace. They are also flexible with school schedules. I was promised 1 weekend off a month when I was hired. I had worked there for 10 months and was denied all requests for a weekend off, which was only 3 requests. Great place to work just for a little change.