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Longer durations may attract lower rates, but repayments will be made for longer.

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Borrowers with poor credit records will be charged higher rates. Some of us will also choose to use a new loan to pay off several existing ones, bringing the debt into one place and making it easier to manage.

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It makes sense to shop around to find a great-value loan, and the crucial thing is to never borrow more than you can afford to pay back. See loans for your chosen amount in under a minute. See loans from a wide range of lenders. To apply for a loan, you need to meet certain requirements. Getting a loan while unemployed. Unsecured personal loans. Loan providers. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. Compare loans.

What is a home owner loan?

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Secured loans for bad credit comparison

What types of loan are available? Related articles Compare personal loans Compare homeowner loans Compare debt consolidation loans Compare credit cards Savings and current accounts. What can I use my loan for? Want to know more? If you need financial advice you should speak to a qualified financial advisor.

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  4. This website provides information only, and the choice of product is for you alone to choose. As a broker we process the information you provide us and we may pass this onto our trusted third party lenders and brokers. All credit is subject to you being a UK resident, aged 18 or over and subject to your personal circumstances.

    All lenders operate responsible lending policies and as such credit is subject to status and affordability. Rates from 4. Calls may be recorded for training purposes. Secured loans provide borrowers with an easy choice of finance options, with rates and repayments that can be highly competitive compared to alternative forms of credit. It's no surprise that secured loans are so affordable, given that they require security by way of property, in order to guarantee repayment of the loan. For this reason, secured loan rates are usually lower than unsecured loan rates, and loan plans are readily available to most homeowners, and can be used for almost any purpose.

    The greater the equity you have in your property the value of the property minus the outstanding mortgage the more flexibility there is over the choice of secured loans made available to you. For customers looking for a cost-effective way to borrow, a truly great advantage that a secured loan has over other types of borrowing is the wide choice of loan plans that are available to people who don't fit the rigid customer profiles that banks tend to prefer lending to. It means you can be accepted for a secured loan if you haven't got a full time job, or if you're nearing retirement age, or even if you have a poor credit score due to missed payments or defaults on credit cards, your mortgage or other loans you may have previously arranged.

    It's a fact that for many people, unsecured loans are simply not an option due to the restrictions many lenders and banks have placed on lending criteria, especially over recent years. An application for an unsecured loan, or personal loan as they are commonly referred to, could be more likely to be refused through an applicant's inability to fit a lender's 'profile'. They also involve smaller loan amounts, so there is a limit to how much can be raised.

    Best Personal Loan Rates for October | Bankrate

    It's this flexibility of loan amounts and repayment terms when coupled with a lower rate of interest, that makes secured loans a viable and appealing option with which to finance a life event or important purchase that may otherwise be unachievable through other financial arrangements. From consolidation loans that can be used to replace expensive credit cards and help reduce monthly outgoings to home improvement loans or secured loans simply to raise money for a special family holiday or celebration are examples of how a secured loan is put to good use by a great many people.

    The application process for a secured loan is carefully designed to make each question and each stage as easy to follow as possible. The information you provide helps us to identify the right lenders and what rates and products are available to you as an individual. There are so many considerations that come into play when secured loans are sourced for you. The main thing to remember when applying for a secured loan quote is that there are some important questions that we will need to understand about your circumstances, through your application.

    Mainly, this is to do with affordability and the level of security offered to the lender. A few questions about your current finances, for example your income, property value and existing outgoings, will help us make the right decision about the type of secured loan needed and its suitability for you as an individual. If your property is jointly owned, there will of course need to be a joint application made, which means both sets of details are required.

    A decision, in principle, is made quickly, and an agent will talk you through the details with you. From there we would fully expect our agent to make you a firm secured loan offer for you to review, just as soon as the information has been processed by our team and the lender has agreed to make the funds available. It's important for you to know that there is absolutely no obligation to take out the secured loan following an in-principle decision and quotation - or after the final loan offer has been made. If you don't want the money, or your circumstances change, you simply don't sign the final agreement, we certainly don't pressure you into proceeding with something you're unsure about.

    Whether for secured loans or any other product, we ensure the terms are carefully explained, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to proceed. Clear information sets out the rate, the monthly repayment and how long the term is, and importantly, what the overall cost of the loan is.

    If you do agree with the terms of the secured loan, our broker will arrange a transfer of the funds into your bank account. We are right by your side at each stage of your loan application, and we always take the time to keep you informed about its progress. Customers will often ask for fast secured loans, and we understand why there is often a need to offer quick secured loans in some instances. The service we offer, like any other finance provider, is as fast as legislation allows, so speed of service will never sacrifice quality of service.

    We always respect the laws governing secured loans, because they are in place to give customers the reassurance that their interests are always number one priority. It's important to know that the rate offered can vary greatly, according to your personal circumstances, and that is why your shown a range of products and rates with any secured loan figures quoted. A number of factors influence the choice of loan products offered. Due to the diverse range of lenders and the different types of products they offer, a broker has a lot of work to do to make the right decisions over which lending option is right for each individual customer.

    Our agents start by searching the whole market to identify the right secured loan products, so unlike approaching a bank who can only offer their own products, you get a portfolio of options. Our close working relationship with different secured loan lenders allows us to search quickly through online systems that are updated regularly. Credit history will also make a difference to the secured loan rates and repayments you are offered.

    If you have a high credit score you are a 'low risk' borrower, so lenders will generally offer loan plans at a lower rate than if you were 'high risk' with a lower credit score. Risk is directly linked to rates, so higher risk means high rate. However it's good to know that even if you have a low credit score and were refused credit elsewhere, there's a good chance your rate will be much lower than you think. We want to provide customers with the best secured loans possible for your needs.

    If you would like an idea of rate and repayment options you could obtain, ask for an instant secured loans quote. Our agents are highly experienced in arranging secured loans and we hope our best quote for a loan will exceed your expectations. In assessing a secured loan enquiry , enquiries will be made about you including searching records held by Credit Reference Agencies and by checking details with Fraud Prevention Agencies. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud we will record this. Information held about you and by the Credit Reference Agencies may already be linked to records relating to one or more of your financial partners.

    For the purpose of this application you may be treated as financially linked and your application will be assessed with reference to any 'associated' records. If you are a joint applicant or you have told us of some other financial association with another person, you must be sure that you are entitled to disclose information about your joint applicant or anyone referred to by you.

    An association between joint applicants and between you and anyone else you tell us is your financial partner will be created at Credit References Agencies and shall remain until a successful disassociation has been registered with the Credit Reference Agency. This information may be used to help us and other organisations:.

    Secured loans

    If you request home insurance we may pass information about you to any organisation approved by us to enable them to arrange and administer the requested plan and for the purposes of underwriting, claims handling and fraud prevention which could include passing details to other insurers. We require that all emails promoting appleloans. We prohibit any advertising of our brand and website using unsolicited email messages. We will immediately investigate all allegations made related to unsolicited messages.

    Apple Loans is committed to excellence in customer service and to treating its customers fairly. It recognises that from time to time things can go wrong, which means you may need to make a complaint. All complaints are investigated fairly and thoroughly, so that we can resolve your issue, and, where we have made a mistake, for us to learn from your complaint. We are happy to accept complaints by telephone on the above number. Please make it clear that you are registering a complaint and make a note of the name of the person you spoke to and the date on which you rang.

    If you do not hear from us in that time, please check first to see that we have actually received your complaint. We will investigate your complaint as quickly as possible. We will aim to complete our investigation within eight weeks of receiving the complaint and you will always receive our final response in this timeframe. If we cannot come to a conclusion in that time, we will tell you why and refer you to the Financial Ombudsman Service.