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Generally, a family plan is going to be cheaper. One other disadvantage is that some though not all plans require all members to have the same phone plan. There are really two kinds of family plan available. However, there are two real forms that these plans can take:. Pros: Discounted plans are usually pretty cheap, and the more SIMs you add the cheaper they get. Shared plans work a little differently. Usually, everyone on the plan gets unlimited texts and calling which is fairly standard in most phone contracts these days.

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There is usually a fair amount of data in these plans, at least around 30 GB or so. Cons: Shared plans tend to be a little more expensive than discounted plans. Best For: Families with uneven phone usage, families where young children are involved who may not need the data portion of the contract.

Your main considerations should be:. How long a contract is should always be a concern when signing up for a mobile plan. But with a family involved, it becomes even more important.

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As kids grow up they tend to need more data and more calling minutes, and at some point, that kid is going to leave home and need to pay for their own phone contract or sim only deal. Only ever sign up for a contract period that you know you can keep to, since cancelling or changing a contract later is likely to cost you a bundle. Again, how much data is necessary is generally a concern with any mobile contract. And with a family contract, things get a little more complicated. If possible, figure out how much data the entire family uses during a normal month by checking old bills or digging into the settings menus of phones to find the usage tracker , and choose your plan accordingly.

How many people do you want to add to your plan? Many plans let you add a user at any point during the contract, though few let you take a user off the account without paying a penalty. Obviously, finances play a role in your decision. Prices on family plans vary with operator, and if standard prices are already high that small discount might not get you decent savings when compared to prices with another company.

Family plans usually mean discounts, but so does bundling. Finally, you will also want to consider other conditions that mobile operators put into contracts. What are charges for mobile roaming, or for calling abroad, for example? If you frequently travel as a family, this could be important information. Does the company offer data rollover letting unused data from one month be rolled over to be used the next month? Most large operators offer family or shared mobile plans, though not all do. Check Price.

We take a closer look at the offers and discounts available in the UK when you add on a contract for family and friend to your main plan. We compare pricing, number of devices, advantages and the drawbacks of each plan. Basically, one member of the family signs up for a month BT SIM only contract , and then up to 4 more day contracts can be added to that main contract.

BT also offers discounts for broadband, landline, and TV packages, meaning even bigger savings. All members of a BT family plan are required to have the same phone plan, and prices vary depending on which plan you choose.

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One user signs up for an account and is then free to add up to four more phone plans to their original plan. However, Tesco does offer something to those who add additional plans. That might be more data, or more minutes, or even Tesco Clubcard points. Every user can choose his or her own perk, and it can be changed each month. Once you have chosen the phone, contract or SIM that you want you will also be delighted to learn that we ship these to you so that you get them the very next day and that you do not have to pay a penny for the privilege.

It is a free service we offer because we get as excited about new phones as you do and know how much you want to get that box and get started. Fonehouse is really delighted to also be offering broadband services from one of our network partners. EE has a remarkable reputation when it comes to providing broadband and mobile phone services to it makes sense for us to work with them on both of these. Their broadband is one of the best in the UK, and they have so many different features that you can tailor make your package to et the best.

EE understands the busy home and offers connectivity for so many devices at the same time that you will never find your internet connection has gone slow or you cannot stream movies on more than one device at the same time. We are committed to getting you the best broadband deals that meet your needs.

EE also has a range of home phone plans that can be bolted on any of their broadband packages making this a really flexible alternative for many homes. With over 31 million customers across the UK, you can be sure that you are getting the best broadband service possible. From managed installations to those with a lower broadband need one of the things we love about EE is the fact they really do have everyone covered, and you do not have to pay for services you do not need, neither do you have to settle for a service that does not meet your needs. If you want to find out more about any of the products and services we offer here at Fonehouse or if you have any questions at all about shopping with us, then why not get in touch with our fabulous customer services team.

Our UK based team is highly knowledgeable and more than happy to any questions you might have for them, so call them today on Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black. Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Apple iPhone Xr. Samsung Galaxy S Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Vodafone: best business mobile plan provider

Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. EE claims the best 4G coverage. According to crowdsourced speed data from insight organisation Tutela, in January EE provided the fastest average data speeds of the four network providers with average 4G download speeds of around 27Mbps. Tutela measured its average 4G download speed as around 21Mbps.

The Best Mobile Phone Family Plans: Discounts and Data Sharing Explained -

Tutela measured its average 4G download speed as around 11Mbps, the slowest of the four. Tutela measured its average 4G download speed as around 16Mbps. How long is a piece of string? It really depends on what you're looking for. But there is never a 'best' deal — only one that suits you the most at a price you can afford.

Unfortunately, to find that you're going to have to do a little of the work yourself.

Interesting question. If you're truly after the cheapest out there irrespective of any other factor, you need only sort the results on this page by price.

Mobile Phones, Phone Contracts & SIM Only Deals

Of course, cheapest doesn't always mean best value for money, so it's a good idea to know how much you're willing to spend before you start browsing and comparing. Most of the time. PAYG handsets are always at the budget end of the scale, so don't expect a great phone, unless you're willing to pay big bucks. However, most PAYG phones are perfectly serviceable so long as you don't absolutely need the shiny, deluxe experience of some of the top-end models.

Both offer only a SIM, which you will need to put into an existing phone you already own. Some PAYG deals will come with a phone, but you will have to pay for it. SIM only is better value generally, but you will need to pass a credit check as it usually involves a month contract. PAYG will get you less minutes, texts and data for your money, but there are no credit checks and you can switch any time you like.

Depends on the specific deal. You will commonly find a portion of the price of the handset earmarked as an upfront cost, especially on deals involving the more expensive handsets. This is a hard question to answer. Many of us spend most of our time within range of a wifi router we have the password for, whether at work or at home.

This means we only need a data allowance that covers the times when we're not, as your phone will automatically use wifi data where it is available. As a rule, then, most of us need less data than we think. If you hit the limit in a month, you can always upgrade. Yes, they really are.